Connecting artists with exclusive venues through art rotations


We are all about fostering connections between artists and exhibiting venues creating a new channel for art rotations & engagement with the community.

MUSA's mission is to represent artists and offer them a new avenue to gain exposure creating a global network of artists and hosts.

We envision the future of the arts: as diverse and dynamic as our cities, creatively produced and democratically displayed.

Join our art community

Create a free profile & share your art. When you become a MUSA artist, you get access to sell and rent your art pieces online in our marketplace.

See art for sale and rent

MUSA is changing and we want you to be part of this new movement.

1. Apply for an art pass and get access to showcase your art in our partnering venues.

2. Choose between the different art passes, depending on the number of pieces, rotation time, and commission per sale.

3. Get selected to be a part of our rotating artists' community. MUSA's professional team will keep your art rotating during your desired time. You start paying on the first month of the rotation until the completion of such.

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Our plans

Every Art Pass guarantees at least one rotation every 3 months or money-back guarantee.


$80 /month

Rotate 1-2 art pieces

Access one rotation every 3 months in exclusive spaces

You take 70% of the art pieces sold at the venue


$120 /month

Rotate 3 art pieces

Access one rotation every 3 months in exclusive spaces

You take 75% of the art pieces sold at the venue

Solo show

$180 /month

Rotate 4-5 art pieces

Access one rotation every 3 months in exclusive spaces

You take 80% of the art pieces sold at the venue

Why become a MUSA artist?

MUSA is a platform where new opportunities are built. It is the meeting point for artists to create community and connect with art-loving hosts democratizing access to art. MUSA is a curated art community for creative and talented people who care for their pieces' quality and identity. We are a local art activation platform creating a global movement.

Just in 2021, we have planned more than 120 exhibitions between the Bay Area and Miami in multiple venues, hosting the art of 277 artists and 70 musicians.

We accompany our community

No matter what kind of artists you are, MUSA makes it simple and secure to show your art to your community. Using this platform is completely FREE for artists. Gain exposure, connections, and earn from art sales.

No more back office

To allow you to keep creating while showing your work, MUSA deals with you payment system, art tags, hanging system, and makes your arrangements with the host super efficient.

Enjoy a professional experience

As an artist you deserve to be treated professionally. We verify hosts in order to secure a quality engagement to display your art the way it deserves.


Felipe, Art Lover

Berkeley, CA

"MUSA events are not only a great place to discover local artists and buy affordable high-quality pieces, but also extremely fun and a way to get to know people from all around the bay! "

Felipe VL, MUSA community member.

Beni, Visual Artist

Oakland, CA

"Each time I exhibited with MUSA was killer, I made hundreds of dollars, connected with an amazing community and couldn't be more thankful for the opportunities"

Beni specializes in abstract expressionist paintings and murals and works on her fashion design brand.

Callie, Exhibition Host

Oakland, CA

"We do art pop ups where artists come and exhibit their work and sell it along performing live music. We chose to do this weekly on Sundays because they are typically slow for us. After a couple of weeks we have definitely seen attendance pick up. Artists promote the shows and customers that come for the art shows are now recurring customers"

Callie Waldman, Event Planner at Hofkuche in Oakland, California.


Who can be an artist?

MUSA works with visual artists (painting, photography, etc.). All you need is to have work ready to show!

How it works for artists:

(1) Create a free profile and choose an Art Pass of your convenience. (2) Apply for an Art Pass and get selected by MUSA’s team. (3) Start paying when selected for an art rotation. (4) Submit the information and ship the art pieces to our address. (5) MUSA rotates the art pieces for the required duration, creates art tags, and invites the community to check the art out!

How do artists get selected?

MUSA's curators do their best to select artists that fit venues' criteria. Artists receive a notification when they are selected.

Who transports...

Transportation of work and set up is on MUSA! We count on hosts' readiness to make the process easy and professional for artists to set up. A MUSA representative has already prepared the set up in advance too.

How do you attract the community...

After engagements are confirmed, MUSA promotes your exhibition to its subscriber list and on its website. We also count on artists and venues to help promote the events.

How do you approve hosts?

After a profile has been submitted, a MUSA representative goes over the application and approves it if it guarantees a professional experience for artists.