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As an artist, you can exhibit your art at no cost in any of the upcoming events.

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Art pop ups are a one-day event where you can set up your artwork on tables and/or panels provided by the venue. You can bring originals, prints, crafts, etc, and sell them. You get to keep all your earnings without paying for anything.
Transportation and payment system are on you, and the art does not remain in the space after the event.
You are encouraged to provide live experiences (I.e. live painting) to attract the interest of the audience.
If the host decides to, the pop ups may include performance artists (I.e. musicians)

Exhibition & Opening

Exhibitions are recurring rotations of art displays at venues. Usually, month-long events where your artworks are displayed for sale at the space. The host can decide to keep up to a 20% commission on exhibition sales.
To celebrate, exhibitions start with an opening event and you are required to attend and guide the audience through your art. During the opening event, a pop up table and/or panels are provided by the space for you to sell additional art pieces without any commission being taken from you.
It is common for openings to include performance artists like music groups or dancers! This is up to the venue to decide.

Rent or Sell

You can rent or sell directly on our platform. You always get to decide your prices and we add a 20% fee.
Hosts can request to rent your art pieces directly from you.
This is attractive to them as they can earn a commission if they sell it while they have rented it. They also get the opportunity to discount the rental expenditures if they decide to buy the piece down the road.
Selling your art is simple and our audience simply requests to purchase your originals through our site.

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