Type of engagements

MUSA offers different types of interactions between artists and venues: Exhibition, Art Pop Ups, Renting or Buying. Below you will find all the information you need as an artist and as a venue about each type of interaction.

Exhibition Event

Exhibitions are usually month-long events where artworks are displayed for sale at your space. Artists apply, MUSA curates the show, and you get to exhibit local art while having the possibility of earning up to a 20% commission on any art piece sold. To celebrate and attract the audiences, exhibitions require an opening show with the presence of the artist/s and may include live performances.

  • Price
  • Fixed Price: $300 per rotation.
  • Floating Price: $200 + 50% revenue share during the opening show of one high margin item

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Exhibitions &


Not looking to create an event? You can rent or buy directly from your local artists. You can rent for as long as you desire, have the art for sale at your space and earn a commission, and get the opportunity to discount the rental expenditures if you decide to buy the piece down the road. Renting is a direct transaction with the artist and MUSA adds a 20% service fee. If you don't want to rotate and have found what you have been looking for, you can just buy it directly!