We provide a platform for local venues Venues on our platform are looking to support local art and align with our mission of increasing exhibition spaces for emerging artists. All types of venues are considered: a hotel, a bar, a castle, your bedroom, a yatch, or a cookie store. to become an art space and connect with their local art, by hosting exhibitions, pop ups and
by purchasing or renting local art
Venues subscribe to MUSA and decide between hosting recurring monthly exhibitions, pop ups, or purchasing or renting art. Some venues even combine them. Most venues try to book in advance all of their annual art interactions. Shorter-term partnerships are also possible.
increasing opportunities for local artists to
show their work to their community

To do this, artist create their
profile for free
MUSA is a vehicle for artists (visual and performance), a channel for them to find showing spaces and help them promote their shows. Joining is free and easy. We just need them to complete a form for us to be able to sell their art online, see their artist profile in order to curate events and have all of their info to promote and pay them.
and apply for shows After completing their artist profile, MUSA artists can simply apply to any and all of the upcoming shows on our "exhibit" page in just
one click.
After our curation process The MUSA in-house curators select from the artists that applied using the venue's aesthetic criteria and social mission. Artists get notified by email at least two weeks in advance and have a deadline to accept the offer. artists receive a confirmation with all the event details.

As each event gets confirmed, we make it easy for artists and venues to invite their community Each event is an opportunity to promote your venue, to show yourself as an artist, and to create a connection with the community. We fundamentally believe that newer generations need to connect with the art that represents them and we take pride in saying we are the best vehicle to do this. MUSA assures everything is ready for the event! This includes: communication The platform has been built for artists and venues to reduce their communication and have all the information necessary to create seamless events without being a huge effort! Additionally, with a fast response time and dependability, the MUSA team assures the venues focus on their business and the artist in creating. set up The set up varies depending on the type of engagement and the venue's layout. For this reason, a MUSA representative visits each venue and provides an installation plan that gets created on their profile. It is important we make sure the space is ready for an easy set up before the first show! & marketing packs After your event has been confirmed MUSA provides the venue and the artist with a marketing pack on their dashboard for everyone to tap onto their network effects. Additionally, MUSA sends out its newsletter and features events on its website. In this way, the community finds unique events in their favorite or yet unknown venues where they can meet their local art.